Pure Antarctica Webcast with Chad Carry


Sail aboard the remarkably comfortable Sea Spirit and experience the Polar Regions in grand style, sleeping in spacious suites. Carrying a maximum of 116 passengers this outstanding vessel, approved for Polar waters, is equipped with inflatable rubber boats (Zodiacs) – for shore transfers and cruising. Kayaking and camping options are available on select departures.

In this webcast we speak with Chad Carey from Chimu Adventures, to get an overview of what you can expect on the Pure Antarctica Trip. We have listed the section timecodes below the video, if you would like to skip through to the sections that interest you the most.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the Pure Antarctica trip, please don’t hesitate to call us on 1800 960 007, or email me personally at [email protected]

00:05 – Introduction
02:26 – Brief look at Antarctica
04:12 – Map & Itinerary
05:50 – About Chimu Adventures
06:59 – Small exploration ships
08:21 – Typical day on the cruise
09:29 – Zodiac Excursions
10:53 – Clothing
13:23 – Shore Excursions
14:36 – Penguin Highways
15:49 – Other Activities
16:16 – Wildlife
18:23 – Expedition crew
19:00 – Flexibility
19:24 – How to book



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