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This is an enquiry email via from: James *****

I have tried to log in through your web site but have had some difficulties

We are interested in the 2 for 1 deals for European river cruises. Our preferred option would be April 2016 but can travel at nearly any time. Are the 2 for 1 deals only available for the later months of the year or could some become available for around April 2016. It appears that some are available for October / November this year

Any information which would help us make our decision would be appreciated

kind regards

James ******

Best European River Cruises Response:

Hi James,

             Nice to hear from you.

And glad that you are interested in a river cruise… My favourite way to holiday!!!

Dam …about the website not working!!! So pleased you took the time to email

me. I assume you are referring to the specials page. If so it is because we have

not updated the latest “below the line” deals which is a bit naughty of us really!!!

Tomorrow when my techie comes in that will be a priority. If on the other hand this

was not the page you are having trouble with then would you please email me the

page address from your browser? Thanks

Now back to you and your questions…

But first a warning from my extensive experience over the last 30 years…while it is

good to get a bargin…it is more important to consider the complete travel experience

and if the bargin compliments it …perfect!!! However it is often at some cost to

your overall enjoyment if too much focus is put on a deal.

Now that is off my chest and hopefully makes sense I would like to explain how these

deals usually work.

Mostly they are offered at a time that is not so popular or to help the cruise company

get some forward revenue as fast as possible. There is one other exception available

to a select few agents and that is the short term usually 90 days or less deals to help sell

unsold cabins. These “below the line” deals cannot be advertised as the cruise company

does not want to down grade the value of there product. So to see these you need to be

on a database of one of the select agents.

I will say they do offer super value if you fit the …can travel at short notice criteria!!!

Yes there are some deals for this year still available…would you like to see them?

So in conclusion James I have no idea if we will be a good fit for each other however if

you are open to a conversation around some idea’s that I can pretty much guarantee

you will not get from another travel agent then it would my pleasure to share these with you.

You can call me on 1800 960 007 after 11am any day or you can speak with one of my

very passionate team earlier in the day. What ever you choose I am here to assist if that

is your wish.

Did you check out this very important update I added last week?

Again James my thanks for reaching out I hope you have gained some insights and benefits

from doing so.

Enjoy all things good…

John C Spark

John C Spark

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