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Compare River Cruises

Comparing River Cruises – it’s probably the most vital part of your planning

 Or at least it should be – if you don’t want to experience a turkey! Horrible holiday experiences are no fun. We know – because we’ve been there!

That means our task for you is very simple – to give you the best River Cruise experience you’ll ever have. Something you’ll rave about and want to tell all your friends about as soon as you get back. Something so good, you’ll want to go again as soon as you get back!

But Comparing Cruises and all their features is such a fag. It’s a huge, time-consuming task. Well, it was … until now.

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 We know that you often feel tired, confused and unsure when you trawl through websites to create your own dream experience. We want to make the whole experience easy for you and take the hard work away.

We want to make it…

  • Interesting
  • Laid-back
  • Luxurious
  • Comfortable
  • Engaging
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Just as soon as you’re ready, we’re here and we’ll work harder than anyone to help you feel sure that you’ve made exactly the right decision.

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Viking River Tours

Viking Cruises – The benchmark of international river cruise excellence 

The Viking cruise fleet boasts six state-of-the-art ships featuring more full-size verandas and full-size staterooms than any other ship in Europe.

The lounge has been reinvented allowing floor-to-ceiling windows to roll aside creating a unique area that combines the comfort of indoors with the heady exhilaration and fresh air of outdoors.

At all times of the day and night, the Aquavit Terrace is every guest’s favourite location. Priding itself on service, even going as far as to offer a ‘Superb Service Guarantee’ Viking is deservedly one of the most highly garlanded and most respected cruise companies in the world.


Tauck River Cruises

Tauck Cruises – The intimately personal and ‘club-like’ experience

It begins with Tauck’s luxury riverboats – MS Swiss Jewel, MS Swiss Emerald, MS Swiss Sapphire. But it’s also all about the Tauck land experience.

Tauck’s renowned sightseeing is led by professional Tauck Directors and local experts who make each destination fizz with cultural treasures and insider delights – many of them exclusive to Tauck – ranging from a private gala Imperial Evening at a Viennese palace, to private wine tastings at family-owned vineyards in Cochem.

They know that it isn’t just what you do, but how you do it and the style with which you do it that makes a cruise adventure such an unforgettable and thoroughly satisfying experience. Tauck are the absolute masters of river cruising culture, comfort and style.


Uniworld Cruises

Uniworld Cruises – boutique excellence

What makes Uniworld very different from all other cruise lines is the unique partnership they have with their sister company, the Red Carnation Hotels, an award-winning collection of family-run, world-class hotels renowned for its expertise in operating luxury 5-star boutique hotels.

The synergy shared between the two companies has resulted in unparalleled levels of quality in service and stylish luxury, offering the very finest river cruise experience available for discerning guests. Uniworld, together with Red Carnation Hotels, has totally redefined a new level of river cruising.Which they call boutique cruising and they are the only cruise company that offers this experience.


Avalon River Cruises

Avalon Waterways – operated by the well known Globus brand

Like the very rivers they travel, Avalon is continually moving forward, making improvements and embracing the world beyond. And it’s this approach – their drive to exceed guest expectations by pushing the boundaries of the river cruise experience – that makes them not only the most contemporary cruise line on Europe’s waters, but also the most consistent. Year after year, thanks to the continuous feedback and encouragement of their travellers, Cruise Directors and travel agent partners, Avalon Waterways has unveiled new ships, amenities and experiences that set the standard in river cruising. Their views are panoramic and spaces large and inviting; comfort is king and dining is for your taste. And, thanks to our heritage The Globus, our itineraries are legendary.”

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APT Tours

APT Cruises – Convenience Framed With You In Mind

APT river cruises are simply excellent. They design their cruises to provide maximum ease and convenience for their travellers. They take all the headaches away and their commitment to fully inclusive holidays means you know exactly where you stand with your holiday budget.

Every detail is considered from every angle for your absolute pleasure – port charges to airport transfers; gratuities to gourmet meals; fine wines and choice ales with dinner; the most important must-see sights and so much more. They cover it all with an itinerary that’s made to simply wow you.


Croisi Europe

Croisi Europe – River cruise excellence, from a 35-year old French family-run company.

Croisi is Europe’s largest river cruise line. Offering a tempting choice of port of call, state-of-art facilities and carefully planned itineraries, their 27 vessels supply the European rivers as well as the Adriatic coast and Red sea.

Croisi’s biggest asset is that the company has complete control of all operational matters in the fleet, from beginning to end. Croisi has also conscientiously asserted its environmental credentials by pioneering standards long before any official regulations were ever enforced.

They care passionately about the environment and our planet and do their very best to make the wisest use of replenishable resources in ways that add value to and enhance their guest’s river cruising experiences.


Scenic River Cruises

Scenic Cruises – See Europe from a Scenic ‘Space-Ship’

Scenic spaceships are the next generation of cruise ships. Standing over 135 metres in length, they offer 22% more space than standard vessels and have two entire decks of balcony cabins.

Their Private balcony suites are 24% larger than normal and offer exceptional comfort. Each has its own private full size balcony, while their Royal and Junior Suites on the superior Danube Deck enjoy the services of a private butler. Excellence in every way you can imagine.


If you have a passion for…

  • Luxurious comfort 
  • Breath-taking scenery 
  • Visits to the world’s most cherished places
  • Gourmet cuisine & fine dining
  • Pampered relaxation 
  • Heady adventures
  • Quality conversation 
  • Lively & entertaining companions
  • Experiences tailored to you 

And the very best wines the world has to offer… 

Then let our Team of Cruise Specialists find The Best European River Cruise for you.