How To Have The River Cruise Of A Lifetime

About us

Only when you’re genuinely happy can we be truly delighted

After a combined total of more than 64 years spent in the travel business,Best European River Cruises set up shop only recently.

Why now? Well, the reason is really quite simple – people just weren’t getting the honesty they needed and the satisfaction they were seeking from their European river cruises. Too many young agents simply didn’t know enough to serve you well. Far too many just didn’t care. All they were seriously interested was your money. Not nice.

Doing things differently…

At Best European River Cruises we’re trying very hard to do things differently simply to serve you better. It’s important to us that you are delighted by your entire experience – from your first visit to our website, or call to our travel team, right through to departure and arrival home. As we say – and we mean it – Only when you’re genuinely happy can we be truly delighted.”

But for you we’d like to go way beyond that. If you’ll let us, we’re hungry to give you a fresh experience and an informed 360-degree view of what river cruising is all about, how and where to get the best deals, what to look out for and how to create that very special brand of personal magic that will last you a lifetime.

Knowing your onions…

Our team is passionate, experienced, knowledge and a delight to work with! They “really do know their onions” and they’re happy to slice them, dice them, fry and sizzle them to give you the very best river cruise experience possible to suit your tastes, travel itinerary and of course your pocket.

You see, it isn’t about the money. It’s about serving you in all of the right ways, every time we ever make contact, be it blog, website, email or phone call.

The plain fact is that: “We’re only ever as good as you make us.”

Your feedback is so important to our future and we want you to be truly delighted with every aspect of the service we provide. That way, you might tell others and perhaps even come back and book with us again … because we served you in all of the right ways.

Do have a browse…

Please do have a browse around our website. Download our free report and check out our FAQs. They’ll help you to get a proper handle on what river cruising is and tell you more about the exemplary levels of service we consistently strive to provide.

In the end, it is your trip and it is so important that every aspect of it is absolutely right – as perfect as it can possibly be.

What would you wish for?

Your trip should be everything we would wish for ourselves and that’s our starting point. If we were travelling with you, what would we want and expect?

The short answer? Nothing less than the very best – a smooth, simple, hassle-free experience with every personal consideration amply taken care of for your ultimate pleasure, convenience and comfort.

Welcome to Best European River Cruises … your own personal ally in river cruise excellence.

Call one of our Holiday Design Specialists on 1800 960 007 and let them guide you in a simple, clear easy to follow step by step way on choosing your Best European River Cruises.