Travel Agency Failure…How To Avoid Being Caught Out!!!


What Every Traveler Ought To Know Before Booking A River Cruise, to avoid being caught up in a travel agency failure!!!

Have you ever considered the prospect of losing your money, because of a travel agency failure or a travel supplier turned insolvent?

A lot of people still think the Travel Compensation Fund will cover them in such an event.

You may be surprised to lean that in fact the Travel Compensation Fund actually ceased to offer consumer protection as of July 1st 2014.

Here’s another shock…

Travel insurance will not cover you!

Essentially, the risk is now on you.

It’s important you understand your risk when paying for a river cruise, or any other travel related booking!

So… I pose you this question…

Does it worry you that you may lose your money as a result of a travel agency failure?

If you answered “yes” then you will want to keep reading to find out how this travel agency is covered through an insurance policy in the unlikely event that you sustain losses due to insolvency on the part of airlines or suppliers, or the insolvency of this travel agency.

A traveler who has made a booking through our agency will be able to advise us in writing and we can claim on our insurance to reimburse any damages, subject to the policy terms and conditions.

Sky Air Services travel agency failure:

A Fremantle based travel agency suddenly closed it’s doors, leaving clients stranded and frustrated. Not to mention financially out of pocket.

This travel agent failure was by no means an isolated case.

There has been four agencies on the Eastern Sea Board fail in 2015 so far!

As you can see, this is becoming a concern for those of you who want peace of mind for your river cruise and travel bookings.

What you may not have known, and obviously Sky Air Services clients didn’t, is that they could have been protected from such an traumatic event.

So the question on your mind is probably, How?

Please watch this short video I made:

Travel With Purpose is the Travel Agent that operates Best European River Cruises

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You can learn more about book smart here:

Book Smart Travel Consumer & Agency Protection protects you against losses in the unlikely event of insolvency on the part of an agency or supplier.

To learn more on how you can protect yourself from travel agency or supplier failure, click on the link below.

Get more information, call one of our knowledgable team on 1800 960 007.

Magellan Book Smart - travel agency failure protection

Click here to view the Book Smart PDF 

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