Snap shot of Brutus the jaw-dropping saltwater crocodile

Snap shot of Brutus the jaw-dropping saltwater crocodile

You won’t find anything like Brutus on a Eureopen River cruise. I could not resist sharing this riviting picture as frankly I had no idea there was a river cruise with this sort of action possible.

INTERNATIONAL headline-maker, Brutus the saltwater crocodile, has thrust himself into the spotlight again. The 5.5m monster delighted and frightened fans on a jumping crocodile cruise when he shot up for his close-up on the Adelaide River on Sunday morning. Carly Strapps, 30, of Adelaide, took this photo from aboard the Adelaide River Cruises. “It was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen,” she said. “Brutus is just massive. It was fantastic seeing the crocodiles in their natural environment. “It was such an authentic Territory thing to do.”



“And when someone gets hurt the idiots that trained Brutus and his friends will no doubt not take any responsibility.” Dave
Check out the pics of Brutus and other huge cros taken by NT News readers Brutus is estimated to be up to 100 years old. He rose to fame when he was photographed by NT News photographer Katrina Bridgeford in 2011 and made the front page with the headline

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