River cruise email that frooze me to the spot…

I am sharing a email which I sent out to our River Cruise community which you may or may not be in…either way I felt this could possible be important for you!!!

[box type=”red”]On Fri, Apr 11, 2014,  Sandie wrote:

When I received your email stating I don’t usually do this, I felt I should reply, it’s not something I usually do but your email sparked me on. We did come to your evening to learn more about the River Cruise because we were definitely considering the trip this year.

When I spoke with you a few days later asking if you would put the quote in writing and you said I would use that to get a cheaper quote elsewhere I was taken back, that is not something I even considered.

Not to make this too long an email, I was unhappy with your response so therefore went somewhere else to book the cruise. We are booked to go this year in August. I am only sending this to make you aware that maybe your approach was a little off putting.



[box type=”blue”]On  Friday, 11 April 2014 1:59 PM, John wrote:

Hi Sandie,

Firstly…a HUGE Thank You caring enough to respond with your thoughts…I wish every person was like you.
I was shocked …even angry when I read your email…I immediately went out and spoke to my wife who is the river cruise
expert in our office.

What have you been doing saying such things…I said?

The look on her face told me it was not her way of speaking to people like you…it is just not us.

We looked at our follow up enquiries and could not see your name there. So we then re-read through your
email again and started to think maybe you have mistaken us for someone else.

You mentioned and I quote …”We did come to your evening to learn more about the River Cruise”

Our busisiness is Albany Western Australia and from your address you appear to live in NSW.

Is it possible you have accidently selected the wrong email to respond too?

What I am glad about is you have booked a River Cruise…you will have a wonderful time I am sure.

I really want you to leave with something of value…so I am sharing my personal insight
gained when on our river cruise at Xmas time.

If you have a river cruise planned or booked I think you will find this insight useful.

Most people I found on a River Cruise became slightly dissappointed when the ship
did not live up to the marketing hype of “Luxury”…or should I say the image conjured
in peoples mind.

The boats are very comfortable and well appointed…except they are short of the
a 6 star Ocean cruise would create or a high priced hotel. Mostly because there is
a limited size to river ships and therefore only so much space available.

My personal take is to expect comfort and you won’t feel let down. I can assure you
the crew will make up for any short falls the ship may seem to have.

Again Sandie if by some outside chance this was us…then accept my apologies it
certianly is not how we normally communicate with people.

Enjoy the rest of your day,

John C Spark


[box type=”red”]On Sat, Apr 12, 2014, Sandie wrote:

Hi John,

I think an apology is in order. Thank you for your e-mail, we had a good laugh about it, I have obviously got the wrong person, I think I should look into who I should have sent it to and vent again.

Thank you for your hints on what to expect, we are very much looking forward to our trip and will keep your advice.



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