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We are trying something a little different here at Best europe river cruise deals for 2014European River Cruises… I am going to share the questions people ask us and the response I give them…Hopefully it will help you or someone you know as well.

I will always protect a persons identity so don’t fear others knowing it is from you.

Our goal here is to be open and honest with what we advise.

So lets get on with the first question:

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Hi John,

My wife and I are considering a river cruise in the 2nd half of 2015, perhaps the Amsterdam to Budapest version.

Can you make any suggestions/recommendations re a suitable ‘discount’ time to go without being in the throes of winter etc, cabin levels – E is below water level etc?

We expect to be in Europe for about 3 months and would be available for travel from the 28th June onwards.

Anyway, could you please think of of some options in this early-bird biking time and perhaps we can arrange to discuss them via phone.

Thanks for your assistance.



Here is my exact reply to Davids email…

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Hi David,

Great to hear from you…and smart thinking planning this far in advance of your travel.

You are opening up the most options for yourself.

Firstly we can include you in our “not advertised deals register“. These deals are offered to only 10 agents in Australia and they are heavy discounts…although limited. I can explain when we have a call.

The next option depending on where you are with your planning is to attend our online river cruise presentation or listen to the recording. The next presentation is 6pm Tuesday the 4th March. Now that is WA time. For more details click the link below.

Once you have watched the presentation I feel you will have a clearer idea on how and what to focus in on for your holiday…not just the River cruise.

Or you could make a one on one call with Nilla who can outline all the things that your entire holiday will involve. You are tapping into one of the top travel consultants in Australia’s knowledge bank.

David that is about how I see it for now. I want you to know we are here to assist when it is right for you.

Thanks again for thinking of us.


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Thanks for the info.

I have watched a few of your videos including a Webinar but that was only APT from memory. Do you deal with other river cruise companies too?



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Hi David,

Yes we do…all of them…to us it is most important you get the right fit river cruise. To most Australian’s APT which has just over 50% of the total river cruise market out of Australia is the best fit. That said it is also the hardest to get cabins on due to popularity. It is worth noting they also have a 98% satisfaction rating from past clients. So it is dependable and very enjoyable for at least half the market.

Viking offers a non Australian experience and is most popular with Americans.

So really it comes back to do I want to be around mostly Australians or mostly another non Australian’s?

Plus one more important thing…do I want everything included or is it better for me to pay as I go?

The number one question we have found you need to give the most consideration too is…”What is the most important memory am I wanting to achieve from this holiday?” Now interestingly it can be different for each person. We will show you how to incorporate both persons wishes without either having to feel compromised.

Hope this is of help.


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