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submit your questionsI am sharing questions people submit via our website along with my response in-case it can also help you. Over time there will be a huge resource here which will make your researching easy and much less confusing.

Note I always protect the persons identity.

Hi Milo,

I have to say I can’t answer all your questions from what you share here.I note in question 4 “you are not satisfied we are in  Australia” which is fine. It would be much better for you to find a local operator who understands your needs much better than we can with our cultural differences and the fact we are on the other side of the world.

I will however attempt to answer the best I can with a hope it will be of some help.


1. What costs have I plan travel to Amsterdam, cruising Amsterdam to Bratislava. For two persons, cca 53 years old. E.g. April-May, 2015, 2016.

Answer: I don’t understand this question completely enough to answer.John Spark

2. Have I take care of travelling from Czech Republic to Amsterdam? I would not because of troubles and no experience.

John SparkAnswer: Yes you can

3. From Bratislava we can travel home by train.

John SparkAnswer: Without knowing your budget you could fly or train.

4. Do you have any department in the Europe? I am not satisfied you are from Australia.

John SparkAnswer: No not yet.

5. Which languages are spoken on the board? My English and German are terrible, Russian sufficient, my wife could not understand. We are Czech.

John SparkAnswer: If you are looking at APT English is the primary language and the crew are Romanian.

6. There is the “what side of the ship” question in FAQs. It deals about docking. But what about cruising. How I get information to go out my cabin and to watch the other side (e.g. view a castle)?

John SparkAnswer: You can easily and quickly go up the top deck or lounge to view the other side.

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