APT & Travelmarvel European Flooding Update

River Cruise in Europe are being disrupted due to the once in 500 year floods.

I thought it may help you to understand what one of our key suppliers is doing to assist their clients. Here is the entire email APT River cruises sent us which you can then form your own view on how they are handling this every challenging situation.

european flooding update

11 June 2013: As floods continue to affect Europe, water levels in many rivers have reached record high levels. While the Rhine is open, we have been advised that parts of the Main and Danube rivers and the Main-Danube canal continue to be affected. We understand that your clients who are due to travel with us will naturally be concerned about the status of their forthcoming European river cruise. Our dedicated European Operations Team in Cologne is monitoring the situation across theregion and is keeping us fully appraised on a regular basis. Here is the current status:

Forthcoming departures

At present we are pleased to report the following forthcoming APT and Travelmarvel departures will all operate as scheduled:

– 20 June 2013 – Travelmarvel Johann Strauss from Budapest to Amsterdam

– 21 June 2013 – APT Amadante from Amsterdam to Budapest

– 22 June 2013 – APT Amabella from Budapest to Amsterdam

– 22 June 2013 – APT Amaverde from Amsterdam to Budapest There is a possibility that the embarkation point for Budapest departures may move slightly upriver and APT will transfer your clients to their ship. More will be advised as we draw closer to the departure date.

Cancelled cruises

On Tuesday 4 June we took the difficult decision to cancel four of our cruise departures, listed below:

– 6 June 2013 – Travelmarvel Johann Strauss from Amsterdam to Budapest

– 7 June 2013 – APT Amadante from Budapest to Amsterdam

– 8 June 2013 – APT Amabella from Amsterdam to Budapest

– 8 June 2013 – APT Amaverde from Budapest to Amsterdam

Disrupted cruises

Five cruises were disrupted during their sailings as follows:

– 24 May 2013 departure – APT Amadante – Amsterdam to Budapest

– 25 May 2013 departure – Travelmarvel Johann Strauss – Budapest to Amsterdam

– 25 May 2013 departure – APT Amabella – Budapest to Amsterdam

– 25 May 2013 departure – APT Amaverde – Amsterdam to Budapest

– 28 May 2013 departure – APT Amalyra – Amsterdam to Budapest These itineraries were amended and where required clients were transferred between ships. At all times the APT Cruise Director stayed with clients. APT’s extensive fleet allowed these changes to take place. Clients are continuing, post cruise, on their travels as planned.

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